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Lecture by Rabbi Goldstein,
Neturei Karta (Jews against zionism)

23 December 2001


Rabbi Goldstein gives a historic overview of zionism and the creation of the zionist state, explaining its incompatibility with Judaism.

The audio is split in to two segments: the 33 minute lecture followed by 9 minutes of questions and answers. A few quotes from the lecture are provided below.



"...The Muslims people basically got involved in the fight against zionism when it started effecting them on a political bases which is 1917 for the Palestinians or afterwards for some of the other Arab countries, We [religious Jews] were in this fight from the 1890 roughly... As soon as it was founded [zionism], it was condemned - Jews came out and said this is atheistic, this is idol worship..."


"Jews were living in Palestine - same as they were living in Morocco and else where, there was no problem - they got on with their neighbours - they were friends, then comes along zionism and says no, we want this country. Why did they want this country? They didn't really need it, Herzl [founder of zionism] was even thinking of taking Uganda but the advisors he had explained to him that you have to put some Jewish theme in to this zionism of yours otherwise no Jew will even think about it..."


Operation Magic Carpet - How the zionists got the Jews from Yemen to come to their zionist state.

We have a sentence in the Torah which says that God says he will take us on the wings of eagles to the Holy Land when its time to come. The Yemenites had never seen an aeroplane in their lives - suddenly a message has gone out that the wings of eagles are here, the Messiah has come. The zionists had put the actual text of the sentence in old Hebrew on the planes - "these are the wings of eagle". The Jews of Yemen all rushed in because this was the salvation - they had never seen such a thing.

When they got to the zionist state they were taken in to camps, they were taught a different life to the life they had lived before, an immoral life, an irreligious life - and they protested. There are cases still going today - this was in 1949 and 1950.

One of the main scandals that was known was that their children, their babies were stolen from them during health checks, and all of them, or a lot of them seemed to have died suddenly - no body knew where the graves were. In reality they were sold at the time 1949-50 for $5000 a baby to America, to Mexico to all sorts of childless couples. It came to light when these babies who were not really registered as dead reached age 18 they were suddenly called up to the army. They were told their babies had died 18 years ago, but now they are supposed to be serving in the army...

Rabbi Goldstein explained to his Muslim audience that whilst for Mr. Arafat and the Palestinian Authority its a political struggle and they may compromise with the zionist state and settle for 50%, 25% or whatever they can get, he cannot do that. Ideologically religious Jews cannot recognise any part of the zionist state.


He also explained that the zionist propaganda has caused mistrust amongst Muslims and Jews - Muslims think every Jew is a zionist and hence wants to oppress Muslims, and Jews think Muslims want to kill them -

"This mistrust is the greatest weapon the zionist organization has, when that weapon is destroyed it destroys a lot more then destroying their chemical or atomic weapons because you are destroying their whole reason for being there - zionism only thrives on anti-Semitism, they say that we are here to save the Jews. If no Jews need saving, if the Jews are fine where they are - don't need the zionism, don't need the zionist country [Israel].. "


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