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Over 50,000 people demand justice for Palestine

[London Rally, Saturday 18th May 2002]

Saturday 18th May saw over 50,000 people demonstrate in London demanding an end to illegal Israeli occupation, for sanctions to be imposed on Israel, a complete boycott of Israeli goods and companies supporting Israel and for Sharon to be tried for war crimes.

A sea of protesters spilling out of Trafalgar Square
on to the steps of the National Gallery (behind)

The rally, organized by Palestinian Solidarity Campaign with help from Muslim and anti-war organizations, was unique in the diversity of people and organizations it brought together united against the oppressive zionist state and in support of justice for Palestine. Muslims, Christians, Jews, socialists, ant-war campaigners, trade unionists and members of the general public all marched in unity from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square for a huge rally.

The march commenced its 2 mile journey from Hyde Park,
heading for Trafalgar Square

At Trafalgar Square, the rally was addressed by more than 30 speakers including Members of Parliament, Trade Unions and Muslim, Jewish and Christian groups. Highlights of many of the speeches are included below.

Anti-zionist Orthodox Jew holding a Palestinian flag

One participant stated "Many Orthodox anti-zionist Jews were present, and they were given the pride of place on the platform at Trafalgar Square, some even carried Palestinian flags! It was the highlight of the day."

The rally brought together people from every segment
of British society

Voice of the March

Bush Bush watch your back
Hizbullah will attack!

Bush Bush we know you
daddy was a killer too!

Palestine don't you cry
We will never let you die!

Stop the killing Stop the crime
Israel out of Palestine!

Tony Blair You don't care
Children dying everywhere!

La illah ha ill al allah
Muhammad rasool ullah

Nasrullah ya habib


Beneath Israeli Occupation - Resistance is Fertile!


Metropolitan Police Still Can't Count!

The Metropolitan police estimated the crowd at a mere 8000. Their politically motivated "estimates" are no longer taken seriously and have become an embarrassment for them with even Time magazine ditching the official police figure of 13,000 for last months march in favor of "more than 100,000". Why doesn't the Metropolitan police use its own "official" figures when calculating how many police will be required for crowd control? It is interesting to note that a few weeks earlier when the zionists held a much, much smaller rally, the police adopted the organizers inflated estimate of the attendance as their own. Also whilst that rally was broadcast live on BBC with reports through out the day, this and the previous 100,000 people rally were given a mere few seconds coverage with deliberate omission of crowd shots to conceal the huge attendance.

Zionism Terrorism


Jeremy Corbyn addressing the huge crowd


Jeremy Corbyn, Member of British Parliament, talked about the lack of justice in the world and of double standards:

"What bring us here in unity of Muslim people, of Christian people of Jewish people of people of no faith is that we believe that there can be no peace in the world where there is no justice. One of the greatest injustices of the last 60 years has been the treatment of the Palestinian people..

Sharon - his record in the Irgund.. his record at Sabra and Shatilla.. his record at Jenin.. is surely is the man the international criminal court was designed for, to put on trial.

The past 50 years, of the world condemning what Israel has done, the United Nations passing resolution upon resolution upon resolution recognizing the rights of Palestinian people and Israel blatantly and absolutely ignoring them. And when the United States and Britain give lectures to Iraq and to other countries about UN resolutions Israel is in breach of more than all the other states put together. Normally when a country is in breach of international law some sanction is applied against them but in the case of Israel a bottomless pit of United States aid is made available, a bottomless pit to supply arms, and a bottomless pit to continue that diplomatic support...

Jeremy Corbyn, Member of Parliament

My message to Tony Blair is now, now say no arms no aid no trade with Israel, until a complete withdrawal from the Palestinian territories...

Too many people have suffered for to long, too many young people have died as a result of this illegal occupation...

If we want to live in a peaceful world, you cannot gain that peace by bombing innocent civilians you cannot gain that peace by illegal occupation there is no peace behind barbed wire and there will be no peace with Palestine surrounded by the Israeli army there will only be a peace when there is justice...



Intifada is Resistance - Occupation is Terrorism

Reverend Garth Hewitt:
"Humanity is on trial over Jenin"


Reverend Garth Hewitt, started by comparing Israel with South Africa during apartheid:

"Humanity is on trial in our time. There comes a point every so often when one issue encapsulates whether humanity will march forward, it happened in the 80s with apartheid, it happens now over Palestine.

Humanity is on trial, its on trial over Jenin and what is happening there, its on trial over what happened on the West Bank...

We have the moral right and indeed the moral responsibility to challenge our leaders, our political and religious leaders to speak up - no more silence, to speak up for justice for Palestine.

Martin Luther King Jr. said 'no one is free until we all are free'

End the occupation and set Palestine free!"

Download (shift-click) speech (real audio 1min 11sec 438Kb)


Reverend Garth Hewitt then talked about Bethlehem and the Israeli desecration of the Church of the Nativity:

"I spent some time talking to three people who just came out of curfew in Bethlehem. They are traumatized by the shameful deeds of the IDF [Israeli Death Force] and they are amazed with the worlds' silence about what happened in the Church of the Nativity.

For hundreds of years its been acknowledged that a Church should be a place of sanctuary and this Church which is holy both for Christians and Muslims was treated with extraordinary disrespect, the Israeli defense force was shooting at the Church of the Nativity and killing people inside. Blood was shed in a sacred place, have we become so insensitive?

I believe all desecration should be condemned, just as we would condemn desecration of Synagogues and Mosques in Britain or Europe or anywhere else."




Al-Aqsa Mosque - the target of Zionist terrorists

Ismael Patel of Friends of Al-Aqsa


Ismael Patel, of Friends of Al-Aqsa, talked of justice and had an important message for Tony Blair:

"We are fighting for peace in Palestine - peace with justice. Justice that was denied to the Palestinian people over 54 years ago ...

I want to pass a message to Tony Blair that his predecessors supported apartheid colonialist policies in South Africa and he is following their footsteps, but I tell him that as the apartheid system collapsed in South Africa, so it will in occupied Palestine...

I urge you, I beg you, on behalf of those Palestinian people who are defending Al-Aqsa in our name, who are defending the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to fight on their behalf. First and foremost to boycott all Israeli goods...

Tony Blair should take note that although there are 50,000 or more here, a 100,000 a few weeks ago, we have left a million people back home and this million people in a few years time are going to cast a cross against your party and we will vote for the people who are looking for peace and justice in the world..."


Portrait of Sheikh Yassin supported by a sea of Palestinian flags

Michel Abdel-Massih QC (APC)


Michel Abdel-Massih, QC from the Palestinian Community, stressed the importance of understanding the struggle:

"The only way we can win this struggle, the only way we can do it is by you supporting the Palestinian cause and the most important thing is to understand it, Secondly you must boycott Israeli products..."


The truth about Israel's war against terrorism

Carol Reagan reads out statement on
behalf of the anti-zionist Orthodox Jews


Anti-zionist Orthodox Jews, they perhaps received the warmest welcome from the crowds, who by now are used to their presence at these rallies. It was their Sabbath but they still attended to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people. In respect of their Sabbath, they came to the rally on foot from Stamford Hill some 14 kilometers away and they declined to use the microphone, but asked for their statement to be read out. Their statement was read out by Carol Reagan of PSC:

"The world stands agasp at the atrocities committed by the Zionist regime. Mere words are insufficient to express the pain that all mankind feels at the plight of the Palestinian people for over 100 years they have been subject to a carefully conceived plan to drive them from their homes and land.

Through out their history the Zionists have resorted to intimidation, war, ethnic cleansing, and state sponsored terrorism to achieve their goals. This is, has been, and continues to be the criminal agenda of the Zionist movement.

Yet among this movements greatest crimes is that it has claimed to carry out these notorious actions in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people - this is a wicked and monstrous lie, this is a desecration of our religion!"

Rabbi Attacked by Zionist Thug

Their front line position in the Jewish opposition to zionism has earned the anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community the respect of the Muslims and at the same time the hatred of the Zionists The Zionists have targeted them with intimidation, death threats and actual violence. Their vehicles and property have been destroyed, and they have been sacked from their places of work.

During the recent pro-Israeli rally in London (May 6th) an elderly anti-Zionist Rabbi whilst addressing a counter demonstration was attacked by a Zionist thug in front of the police who did nothing to prevent it.

Anti-Zionist Rabbi Grohman was attacked by a Zionist thug
seconds after this photo was taken.

Rabbi Grohman was punched in the face whilst addressing the sizable counter demonstration. The Zionist attacker was was arrested by the police.

A police line had caged the counter demonstration away from the pro-Israel rally and prevented Muslims from entering Trafalgar Square (using racial profiling) where the Zionists had gathered. But at the same time the police allowed Zionists to freely enter the "Muslim area" to intimidate and attack whom ever they pleased.

Islamic Human Rights Commission have compiled a report on police behavior at rallies, any incidents should be reported to them.

The Slogans read:
"Zionism is atheism"
"We are against Zionism and its state BECAUSE we are Jews"
"We await the total annulment of Zionism"
"Zionists stole the Holy Land from its residents
"True Jews will never recognise Zionist occupation in the Holy Land"

John McFadden, NEC member of UNISON


John McFadden, National Executive Council member of UNISON - the largest trade union in the UK with 1.4 million members, condemned Israel and pledged support of the Palestinians:

"I want to pledge UNISONs support for the Palestinian people, to the fight for freedom and justice for the Palestinians.

At the beginning of March I was part of a delegation that went from UNISON to Palestine and Israel and there we saw first hand the effects of the occupation by the Israeli regime...

We saw ambulances being crushed under the tracks of tanks, we saw doctors and nurses being shot, we saw reporters and cameramen being shot, we saw women and children being shot, and not once, not once was the Israeli regime condemned for these actions, and they have to be condemned"

He ended, like he started - with a solid commitment to Palestine:

"UNISON has called for all workers in this country from this day to boycott Israeli goods and to show solidarity with the Palestinian people."


Download (shift-click) speech (real audio 2min 15sec 824Kb)



Calls for boycott of Israeli goods
and boycott of companies supporting
Israel resonated from each speaker

Betty Hunter from the PSC


Betty Hunter, from Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, chastised Tony Blair:

"Tony Blair and the leaders of this country should be ashamed of themselves, every time they make apologies for Sharon and the government of Israel. We know the truth..."


"End Israeli Occupation"

Afif Safieh, Palestinian delegate to UK


Afif Safieh, Palestinian delegate to UK, condemned anti-Semitism:

"Friends, anti-Semitism is morally repugnant and politically unacceptable. Its victims are the Jews and its victims are also the Palestinians...

Until the ascension to power of Adolf Hitler, Zionism was a struggling minority within the different Jewish communities in Europe.

While the Jews and the Palestinians are the victims of anti-Semitism, Zionism, Israel and Ariel Sharon are its immediate beneficiaries.

And let us face it, today's anti-Semitism is the oppression and the persecution by the Israeli government of us the Palestinian people."


Muslim and non-Muslim united against Israel

George Galloway, Member of Parliament


George Galloway, Member of the British Parliament, captivated the audience with his words:

"I thought there was only one man in the world that thought Ariel Sharon was a man of peace. When George Bush said that, even Sharon must have laughed, even Sharon must have come to his aides and said 'this guy really is crazy!'"

crowd erupts in laughter

"Sharon is not a man of peace, he stood for election on a platform that he was not a man of peace, yet George Bush thinks that he is!

But there is another man, finally, who was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman just three days ago, he also thinks that Ariel Sharon is a man of peace - Tony Blair."

chants of "shame Tony Blair"

"Mr Blair its you and your predecessors all the way back to Balfour who promised to one people the land of another people and sowed the seeds of this catastrophe... its you Mr Blair and your special friend Mr Bush who are betraying the Palestinian people. And we are here to say 'not in our name, not in the name of millions of British people...'

No civilized person in this country should buy Israeli goods anymore than any civilized person bought South African goods during the apartheid time but you have to do more than that you have to stand outside the stores and picket others on their way in to persuade them to boycott Israeli goods ...

But you need to do something else too, none of these crimes would be possible without the endless stream of American money and weapons and diplomatic and political support. So I want to propose here today that none of us and none of our friends smoke another Marlboro, at another McDonald's, eat another Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Boycott Americans goods also because from Kalkela to Kabul and including the 1000s of Iraqis who are being slaughtered every month. America is behind every single one of their deaths...

The scariest faces on the rally,
Bush & Blair wanted for terrorism

I have just returned from the occupied lands, the dust from Jenin is still on my boots and will always remain on my boots, its more precious to me than gold dust, not just as a memorial of those that died there or the war crimes but as a remember of the heroism of the fighters who stood and fought until they could fight no more."

Chants of "jihad jihad jihad ..."

"To defend their families, to defend the honor of the Arabs and the Muslims, to defend their religion, to defend their little refugee camp in which they've lived for fifty years, looking over to Haifa where foreigners are living in their homes and picking their oranges..

Let me say this - those fighters in Jenin didn't stop fighting because they ran out of courage, they had to stop fighting because they ran out of ammunition."

Chants of "jihad jihad jihad ..."

"Why did they run out of ammunition? Because the corrupt kings and puppet presidents of the Arab regimes sealed their borders to stop the arms coming..."

crowds boo the Arab regimes

"I've just come from Gaza, where the enemy, the barbarian is waiting poised at the gate and I give them this warning - I've just come from the refugee camps of Jabala, Khan Yunis and Raffa, I give them this warning - Gaza is no Stalingrad and its waiting for you, if you dare to enter."

Chants of "jihad jihad jihad ..."

Leila Khaled, Palestinian freedom fighter


Leila Khaled, the veteran freedom fighter and activist renamed Trafalgar Square to Jenin Square to the cheers of the crowds:

"On behave of my people inside occupied Palestine and those refugees of whom I am one - thank you all for coming to Jenin Square, I feel I am now in Palestine...

And let Sharon and his gang in Tel Aviv know that in Britain in London in Trafalgar Square begins the march to victory..."


Israel Terrorises - America Supplies - Europe Hides
What's the difference between Ariel Sharon and Adolf Hitler?
About 60 years

Michael Rosen, renounced his so-called "right of return"


Michael Rosen, author, poet and tv presenter denounced Israel for claiming to represent Jews:

"I am a British born Jew and I am here to express my solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Sharon has described the conflict in the middle east as one for the defense of the Jewish people. I utterly, utterly reject that, this is a conflict between Zionists and the Palestinian people and the most powerful Zionists in the world are the American government ...

When they say Israel is doing this or Israel is doing that they lie and they over simplify and they distort because its the Americans and the Israelis doing this and doing that ...

I say this, Israel is not my homeland, along with other Jews around the world I renounce my so-called right of return. I don't want to return to somewhere where I have never belonged. The self-determination of the Jews cannot and must not take place at the expense of other people.

I am proud to say whenever I have been asked to go to Israel to read or perform over the last 20 or 30 years, I've always refused - I will never go to Israel until there is a free Palestine - I make that promise here."


No demonstration against Israel is complete
without the victorious flag of Hizbullah

Sheikh Said Muhammad Mousavi addressing 50,000 people


Sheikh Said Muhammad Mousavi, of the World Wide Islamic League started his speech with three takbirs:

"Allah O Akber, Allah O Akber, Allah O Akber"

and went on to explain that it was the slogan of not just Muslims but of all humanity that believes God is the greatest. He condemned the Zionist crimes and called for a boycott of Israel.



Seeking Inspiration from the Martyrs of Kerbala

Over the centuries, the example of Imam Husayn's
uncompromising stand against oppression and injustice,
irrespective of the might of the oppressor,
has inspired Muslims the world over
in their struggles against injustice and oppression,
Palestine is no exception...

"Every day is Ashura, Every land is Karbala"

"Follow Imam Hussain - Fight Oppression"

"Karbala - Palestine"

see also:



Tirza Waisel from Just Peace UK


Tirza Waisel, from Just Peace UK [an anti-Zionist Jewish group] started by condemning anti-Semitism :

"anti-Semitism is the enemy of us all"

And then talked of unity against occupation:

"Palestinians and Jews are standing together against the occupation... ending the occupation is not only in the interest of Palestinians but also Jews."

She then shared some facts from Israel which are omitted from the news here:

"100,00 people demonstration last weekend in Tel Aviv against the occupation.

10,000 people demonstrate every other weekend in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv against the occupation.

More than a 1000 Israeli soldiers refuse to serve in the Israeli occupation army, some of them have been to jail."

Spokesperson for "Jews for Justice for Palestinians"


Jews for Justice for Palestinians spokesperson reiterated that Israel does not speak for Jews:

"we will support the Palestinians cause because it is right... The Israeli government does not speak for the Jews - Not in our name!"

Jews for Justice for Palestinians



The crowds demands "Justice for Palestine"

John Austin, Member of Parliament


John Austin, Member of British Parliament, talked about the need for justice:

"We want peace, well we cannot have peace without justice, and we cannot have justice so long as the Israelis are occupying one square meter of Palestinian territory!"


"Victory to the Intifada" and behind it a new Zionist flag?


Another candidate for the new flag of Zionism?
This one appeared on large stickers - artist unknown
click here for a hi-res, cleaned scan (1544x1228, 33k)

(if you are the artist and don't want us to include this then let us know)

Yvonne Ridley, Journalist & Activist,
talked of her visit to Jenin


Yvonne Ridley, Journalist and Anti-War activist, recently back from Jenin, she talked about what she saw there:

"Colonel Powell said he saw no evidence that a massacre had taken place in Jenin, this is the same
man that on December 13 1968 said that there was no evidence of a massacre in May Ly, South Vietnam.

I visited Jenin last week and they were still pulling the bodies out of the rubble, 50 people have been buried so far most of them civilians - innocent women and children.

25 of those were buried alive as the Israelis moved their tanks in to bulldoze the buildings.

300 homes have been blasted by F16 fighter jets and Apache attack helicopters and tank shells
thieving Israeli soldiers have stolen jewelry from Palestinian women while they were on their
looting expeditions.

I was told about the killing of innocent Palestinians many who were denied medical care, ambulances weren't even allowed in and many people bled to death. The wanton destruction of homes.

Palestinians were used as human shields as Israeli soldiers went out and did their dirty work. I saw the evidence - were the hell was Colonel Powell looking?

Protesting the worlds silence over Jenin

... there was a military map that was left behind by the Israeli soldiers - it was written in Hebrew and it clearly marked out military targets and the date of that map was 1997 - Jenin wasn't an accident or a knee jerk reaction, it was planned for years by the Israeli butchers.

Despite calls for a UN investigation, absolutely nothing , nothing, has happened! Sharon wants to keep the world out of Jenin - and we all know why...

... and where was our fearless leader Tony Blair when the massacre of Jenin took place? He was being groomed and tickled in that poodle parlour known as George Bushs' Texas ranch. We all have a message for our prime minister - a man elected by the people, elected by us - his silence on Jenin will come back to haunt him.

Even now people are talking about Jenin , its name is being whispered in the wind in the same breath as Stalingrad, Beirut, the Paris Commune - all examples of revolutionary heroism, the name Jenin will live for ever. It is a living monument to the bravery of its fighters!

I salute them all I salute all the martyrs - victory to the intifada!"

* the speech is interrupted at a couple of spots when the crowds cheered as Israeli and American flags caught fire

Download (shift-click) speech (real audio 4min 15sec 1.5Mb)


Slogan with a sense of humour -
a parody of the famous quiz show - The Weakest Link!

Boycott Israeli Gameshow - The Vault

Boycott the new gameshow on ITV - The Vault
(shown on Saturday evenings at 18:25)
The programme is produced by Carlton TV under license
from Keshet Broadcasting and Menta Productions of Israel.
The Israeli gameshow is bringing desperately needed
foreign currency to Israel. Boycott it and complain to
the companies that advertise on it.