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Gift of Knowledge
Since we launched the "Gift of Knowledge" scheme in July, We have had requests for donated (waqafed) copies of the Fun-Learn series of Islamic Games from madressas all over the world. Saddly there has not been the same level of interest from donators wishing to waqf copies.

We ask that you kindley reflect on the following wisdom:

"And spend of your wealth in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loves those who do good."
(Al Baqarah: 195)
"Among acts and good deeds for which a believer is rewarded after death, a piece of knowledge he has taught and diffused, a virtuous son he has brought up, an inherited book of Quran he has left, a mosque or a wayfarer's house he has constructed, a river he has caused to stream or alms he has handed out of his riches while still healthy and alive, so that he benefits there from in afterlife"
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Please seize this opportunity to help todays young muslims - our next generation. Pick one of the madressas that has approached us (contact us at for a full list), or pick your local madressa to waqf copies.  Which madressa does your child attend ? Why not take this oppertunity to help them. 

The procedure for Waqfing copies of Fun-Learn Islamic Software is straight forward:

Procedure for Waqfing Software

Waqf copies differ from normal copies in that they carry a personalised message on behalf of the donator. The message appears every time the program is run. Waqf copies are therefore made to order.

The Minimum order quantity is 30 ( we suggest 10 copies of each title )
Price in UKP £ (excluding delivery):
Quantity Unit Price Total Price
30 (eg 10 of each title) £5 £150
150 (eg 50 of each title) £4 £600 (saving £150)
300 (eg 100 of each title) £3 £900 (saving £600)

Shiping is as per client instructions, as a guide the weight of 100 copies is 5 Kg.

The format of the personalised message to appear in the software is as follows:

10 lines of 15 characters (including spaces)

for example:

 Donated for
 the heavenly
 reward of my
 first name
 last name
 Please recite
 Surah Fatehah
 for his benefit

The message will appear in the info panel of the game screen. 

If you wish to waqf, then contact us at Thank you and may Allah (SWT) bless you in this world and in the hereafter.

Madressa's Wishing to Join Scheme

If you run a Madressa or School and wish to receive waqfed copies of our FUN-LEARN series, you can still contact us - we will try and find a donator. The information required is as follows: 

  • 1. Name of Madressa
  • 2. Name of Headmaster
  • 3. Address of Madressa
  • 4. Email and URL of Madressa
  • 5. Number of male students
  • 6. Number of female students
  • 7. Age range of students
  • 8. Number of Teachers
  • 9. What computer facilities does the madressa have?
  • 10.Quantity required (state how many of each of title)
Send this information to

If you have already contacted us but have not received anything yet, please dont be disheartened - inshallah someone will come forward.