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Islamic Games Series

The FUN-LEARN series of Islamic games are an ideal way for your child to aquire Islamic knowledge. They learn whilst they play. The games are challenging, requiring concentration and exercising the players short term memory. You are warned - the games can be rather addictive especially when played in 2 player mode! Fun for the whole family!

Three to collect - each teaching a different Islamic subject.

  • The games have embedded Islamic databases so that you can play again and again - each time its different!
  • There are two difficulty levels suitable for ages 8-11 and 11-16.
  • Each game can be played in a single player mode or in a two player competitive mode.
  • The games are well presented, utilising lots of colourful images and amusing sound effects - no music.
Each game is priced at a bargain £5 !
Yes only £5 - we want every Muslim to have it!

Format: HD floppy disk in gift presentation jewel case
Min. Requirements: Windows95, 16Mb RAM, sound card, 10Mb free HD

A screen shot of "The Book of Allah"

1: The Book of Allah
Learn about the Holy Quran. 

The aim is to help your children familiarise themselves with the knowledge of the Holy Quran. 

Most questions have sura and ayat references so as to encourage them to find the answers by opening the Holy Quran. 

on a few sample questions from the game :
1)   Which prophet was sent to the tribe of Ad [11:50] ?

2)   What does 'the parable of a smooth rock with earth upon it then a heavy rain falls upon it, leaving it bear' [2:264] describe ?

3)   What is this drink: 'There comes forth from within it a beverage of many colours, in which there is healing for men' [16:69] ?

2: Life of Muhammad (SAW)

Play this game to learn about the life of the Prophet of Islam from his birth to his receiving the divine call, to the completion of his divine mission. 

Learn about the struggle againt idolatary, the hijra and the formation of his Islamc state in Medina. 

3: Lion of Allah

Play this fun game and learn about the life, courage and wisdom of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS). 


Knowledge is the best gift

The FUN-LEARN series of Islamic games is ideally priced for those wishing to waqf copies in bulk. We want this software in every Madressa and school and in every Muslim house. Help us to make it happen! 

Waqfed copies of the software will carry a small on-screen message on behalf of the person donating that copy. For large quantites we will try and further discount the price. Email us if you are interested in helping:

If you run a Madressa or School and wish to receive waqfed copies of our FUN-LEARN series, please contact us stating the quantity required of each title - we can then hopefully match the request to a received donation.
For full details of this scheme, please click here.