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For a boycott to be effective, it must be followed up with a letter writing campaign to inform the companies that we are boycotting their products until they stop collaborating with israel.

For a few of the companies we have provided sample letters. All you have to do is download the letter, sign it and send it off, and of course pass copies to all your community.

Selfridges Letter Campaign
Sara Lee Letter Campaign

We have also provided a generic sample letter below which you can modify to fit any of the companies on the boycott list:

But please remember that an original letter from you will carry more weight than sending a copy of one of our sample letters. So if you have a few minutes to spare its worth writing in your own. Always be polite and remember to ask for a reply. You must provide your name and address otherwise the letter will be ignored.

Company CEO,
Company Address

The Date

Dear Sir,

I write with reference to your company’s continued support for Israeli apartheid.

By your company's investments in Israel you are directly helping perpetuate gross violations of human rights upon Palestinians. I urgently request you to reconsider your support for the racist and persistent abuse of basic human rights by henceforth divesting your holdings from Israel.

In the meantime I will have no alternative but to boycott your products, and encourage others to do so. I look forward to receiving your assurances that you will no longer be supporting Israeli apartheid.

Yours faithfully,

Your Sign

Your Name & Address


If you get a reply then please email us a copy so that we can gauge the response.

Thank you.