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Boycott Israel News Ticker


The new ticker is designed to show the latest news related to the global boycott campaign against israel. This includes news on the academic boycott, arms boycott, cultural boycott, economic boycott, sports boycott, tourism boycott and news on boycott targets. An events section informs on upcomming events related to the campaign - pickets, lectures, rallies, etc.

Please consider supporting the campaign by placing the news ticker on your website.

Its designed to be unintrusive :-

  • Its download size is just a bare 7 Kb.
  • Its screen size is a petite 422 x 25 pixels.
  • It doesn't take visitors away from your site - when clicked on it opens a new window to show the news, leaving your site window intact.

In fact it will end up bringing visitors to your site because we are planning an affiliate program where all websites that display the news ticker will get their websites advertised for free on the ticker on a rotation basis. So imagine if a 100 websites display the ticker, your website will end up being advertised on a 100 other like minded websites. The details have yet to be worked out, but we will keep you informed.

If you would like to include the news ticker on your site, just paste the following html code on your site:

<applet codebase="" code=BoycottNewsTicker.class
width=422 height=25>

And then email us to let us know, please include the url of your page so that we can visit your site.