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Letter Four

20th July 1988

Dear A

Thank you for your interesting letter of the 19th July. It contained some very interesting information which has helped me to understand your position.

Whether this as a people's home in the place to actively campaign against racism is a difficult area, because I have given support to the anti-apartheid campaign from here.

I am pleased to hear you are not against Jews as such.

Yours sincerely




Reply Four

25th July 1988

Dear Mr. L.

Thank You for your considerate letter of 20th July. It is admirable to see someone modify their outlook in the light of new knowledge.

The zionists continously use the cover of Judaism to hide under. They say "if you attack us, then you are attacking the Jews as a people and hence are anti-semetic." In the shadow of the Holocaust this serves as an excellent cover. Every one is aware of the barbarism the Jews in particular suffered under during the Holocaust, no one wishes to be labelled anti-semetic and hence be associated with supporting this barbarism, so it is safer for people not to criticize zionism. By doing this the zionists mock the victims of the Holocaust. To suggest an attack on zionism is an attack on the jews is an insult to those who lost their lives in the Holocaust. Zionist institutes, such as the media play a major role in spreading this lie.

This lie has had two tragic effects:

1) People who wish to combat racism, and hence zionism, are themselves accused by the ignorant of being racist.

2) Those who suffer under the evils of zionism, on occasions mistakenly fall for the zionist lie that zionism=Judaism (i.e. = the ideology all jews by definition follow) and hence occasionally attribute these evils to the jews as a people.

As seekers of truth we must be careful not to fall into these traps the zionists have laid for us.

Thanks again,
Yours sincerely