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Letter One

6th June 1988

Dear Mr. P,

The Chairwoman of the Assosiation drew to my attention a poster on your door. I have seen this,

  • It is out of date.
  • It is in Arabic.
We do not allow Public display of any material not in English. This is to prevent inter-cultural misunderstandings.

Lastly I would point out there are Jews within Israel who are compaigning for better treatment of the Palestinians so to have a poster calling for demonstration against a particular Country could be seen as offensive.





Reply One

6th June 1988

Dear Mr L,

Regarding the poster on my door,

  • It is not out of date. Apart from inviting people to attend a particular demonstration on a particular day it contains a general invitation to 'demonstate against Israel'. It will only be out of date when this racist institute, which regards Palestinians as being sub-human, is dismantled and a Palestinian homeland is formed in Palestine.
  • It is not in Arabic. The only arabic to be found, is the calligraphic design on the sword handle. All the writing is in english, hence making "inter-cultural misunderstandings" impossible.

In your letter you suggested that since some jews in Israel are campaigning for better treatment of the Palestinians, it may be seen as being "offensive" to have a poster calling for demonstations against Israel. When a country is blatantly racist as is Israel and South Africa, one calls for a demonstration against the country, it is neither here nor there whether some jews or whites in Israel or South Africa, respectively, also campaign against these policies.