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Selected Comments

A selection of comments that we have received about the "Campaign against the Ban on Hijab in Turkey and for the release of Prisoners of Faith in Turkey" are shown below.
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and only relevant sections of a message have been quoted.


Whenever I face hardship I am reminded of the Surah Al Inshirah. "With every hardship comes reward". I believe Allah has great things in store for all Muslims and that one day we will be free, literally. Until that glorious day comes along we have to keep the faith. All my prayers and doa go to all prisoners of faith in Turkey.

Assalamualaikum and may Allah bless all of you and give you strength and fortitude.

Anwar Rauf Idris

We have prepare one memorandum of protest to be sent to the turkish embassy but unfortunately, the ambassador does not want to accept it as in his opinions it is an internal matter of turkish authority.

What is your comment/opinion on this?

Azian Rahman

I'm Mohd Fairoze,25 from Malaysia.To brothers and sisters,keep fighting against any attempt to destroy the way of life.

It's normal to face such objection,pressure,torture.That's why we are here -to undergoing test from the creator.

My observation is that nowadays,Islam was strongly attacked by such evil masked people.Even in Malaysia.There were several attempt from a few people are doing somewhat,to altering and updating hadith.We are in danger.

Fear of the sudden penalty given by the Creator,as been happened at your Country (Turky).Currently,we are struggling to set Al-Quran being the top ruler in Malaysia.To squash and wipe all the human-made rules that obviously gave more difficulties.

We are with you..

Mohd Fairoze

This is for me who come from Sweden is a disgrace for the muslim umma, even more because this women are living in a muslim country and should be treated with respect and not with disgrace because they are only doing what the Qur'an says. They are covering their private parts as they should. In Sweden the women can wear the veil without going to prison and Sweden is a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY. Turkey government should be ashamed for their behaviour. I hope in the future Inshaallah(if god want's)that they will change their view of thinking and act as they should.

AS-SALAAMU-ALEIKUM from your SWEDISH brother in islam.

Joakim Abdun-Nur Lindroos

Joakim Abdun-Nur Lindroos

Certainly Allah does not let the oppressor go on for long,the Turkish government is doing all kinds of atrocities to Turkish Muslims,they made friends with Europe,they left their Islam,they thought by being friends of Europe the same that happened to Kosova will not happen to them.But they forgot that Allah can send His wrath FROM UNDER THEM.WHILE THEY ARE ASLEEP!!..nothing and nobody can stop it.

BE HAPPY my dear oppressed muslims in Turkish jails ,Allah will take revenge for you,for Allah defends those who believe.

As for the good muslims who died,inshallah they are 'shouhad'a.

No Name

May Allah help the Muslims.

This is a day of tyranny, when the Word of God is severally fought against and the true devoted Muslims are tried with a great trial.

Have patience my brothers and sisters for Allah is with those who are patient and know that this dunyaa is extremely short and that eternal Paradise awaits the believer.

What greater blessing than to die the death of a martyr, a Mujahid, and to have Allah Smile upon you on the Day of Resurrection?

None can harm you except Allah, so fear Him alone and love Him the most.

Our sacrifice is not in vain! Allah is watching and we are waiting. Today is a day of tyranny and on that day, the Grand Day of Resurrection - that will be the day of justice. It will get worse before it gets better.

Peace to you believing sufferers, where-ever you may be - Allah is with the righteous.

Yahya C.

We hear at the association of Islamic awareness and development are disgraced to see such things happening in turkey which did use to have a majority of muslims in the country... We will do our best to try and help the brothers and sister in turkey from execution and imprisionment and try to help them get there right to wear the hijab...

Insha allah we raise money from our country "Australia" and help the islamic people in need...Insha allah allah will bless the brothers and sister in need and punish those responsible for the pain which is being recieved by all muslims around the world!

"Brother Issa" Vice Ameer of the Association of Islamic awareness and development. (A.I.A.D.)

My Allah hepls you...and all our brothers and sisters in all over the world.

This is shocking, How dare they do this to our sister in Islam, May Allah (saw)help the sisters in need and punish the Kaffaroon who dare do this.....

May allah help and bless the brothers and sisters in need insha allah...:)

Issa Mohummad Ali


i'm verry upset i think every person has the right to whear what ever they want i think the goverment of turkey is rubbish and they have no right doing that they should know that there is a human rights and if they want to copy the west so than copy there value not just the look i leave in Canada and i'm a muslim women and i'm free to do any thing i want it's too sad we have these stupid primitive regimes still on the beginning of the 21 century i think we should get rid of them


It is truly sad what we have reached.If only the old days can return...back when Islam was never questioned.

I pray for the relief of all muslims in captivity and persecution, and may Allah guide those who work against his deen, may He punish those that could not be guided by His huda.

Salihu Garba

There is no force in religion.

In Muslim countries the Mullas & Shayks need to be trained and must have the ability to deal with the politicians with tact & diplomacy that Allah (swt) defines in the Noble Qura'n.

And Allah (swt)'s Rasul (saw) had also given his guidance to us how to deal with the disbelievers of the faith of Islam.

Our agenda should be tolerance and respect and avoid confrontation with the unbeleivers. Love thy neighbour even though he may be a jew, a hindu, a budhist or a christian as long as the neighbour do not interfere with your belief system.

May Allah (swt) grace us peace in this world ameen.

Ibrahim Moosajee

It is against Islam and Humanity
S Razavi

Please convey my deepest and sincere support to my sister.Dont loose heart as this ban on hijab is a sign of the Last Day.I will pray for them
Sajeer Shamsuddin

My personal feelings on the matter are that the Turkish Government are too interested in trying to please the west so that it can join the eu that it will sell its religion for the cause....

it is totally disgraceful

Mahomed Timol

Curse those people who disobey the law of our almighty Allah!!!

Inshallah, those who oppress will burn in Fire

My hats off to people who sacrifice their lives for the cause of Islam....may Allah release them from their sufferings....

Rizwan Mulla

As-salaam alkaium,

Reading about sister Huda Kaya fighting the ban on Hijabs in Turkey makes me say alhamdillah. I realize that I take my ability to wear hijab for granted. I have been ungrateful for it because no one has tried to prevent me from wearing it. I would like to tell sister Huda keep fighting for what you know is right in your heart because "Allah's promise is true". The opperesors will get what they deserve inchallah.

May Allah continue to bless u and give you strength to deal with your burden..inchallha



Ps: Hajib is for believing women Alhamdillah fight on sis.

Ayesha bint Khalifah

Assalamualaikum wr wb

It hurts me to learn such injustice being done to our sisters in Turkey. A country where once Islam is at its highest peak. A country of which once others fears and respects. How can such country do such thing to our sisters. It is very sad. I pray to Allah to bring back the glory of Islam to the muslims and strengthen the imans of our fellow muslims all around the World. Ameen.

Allah will not change the fate of a society until that society made effort to change by themselves. Let us all work together to be the khairah ummah and be the khalifah of Allah on this world as we are commanded to. Its about time for us muslims to jihad. Not necessary with swords and guns. Let our Muslims leaders hear the cry of our innocent babies. Lets bring back the days of our Prophet and khalifahs back to the present where everything we do, we do it for Allah, fisabilillah !! InsyaAllah.


I really support this Group resolutions to fight for the rights and freedom to wear whatever custom especially relating with relegious matter such as Hijab.

Please respect our rights eventhough we are different relegion due to we are human!

Mr Azahar

Assalaamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

I would like to express my utmost disappointment and anger to those involved in banning the hijab. This is the cruelest of cruelty. Sad to say, it is going on in a country which used to be a Muslim nation. The followers of the Prophet (s.a.w) have fought very hard to conquer it so as to establish Islam. So it is such a waste to see it going back to becoming a non-Islamic nation, in fact, worse than that.

Now I realize how true a saying which goessomething like this,"A good Muslim can be better than the angels, but a bad Muslim can be worse than the devil."

However, whatever these big syaitans do to get rid of Islam from Turkey, they will not achieve their goal. Allah will sure put a stop to it. Their efforts are very limited. As Allah Subhaanah mentions in the Holy Qur'an, "They plan, and Allah plans, and Allah is the Best of Planners."

To the Muslims who are suffering from this Hijab Ban, always remember, whatever righteous deeds you do, Allah will always reward you with the best of rewards. And if you die, you will be syuhada'. Fear Allah alone and fight against these people. For if you are on the right path, they can never do you harm.

Nora de Souza

I am aware of my Muslim sisters sufferrings in maintaining their belief. It is very sad to see Turkey, being occupied by a MAJORITY of  Muslims is preventing the practise of Allah's orders.

I have been studying in AUSTRALIA for 6 years now and never at all have I ever been prevented from practicing my rights as a Muslim. There are prayer rooms provided in the university which  I studied( and other unis in Australia!!), we could wear our Hijab to any where, even to the operating theatres (I'm a medical student) . I have been treated equally in tutorials by my fellow Australian colleagues and doctors.We could have gatherings, and without any problems pray in the parks or other public places.That is why I felt very sad when I learn of the way my fellow Muslim sisters (and other Muslims as well) have been treated in Turkey  . Only Allah knows the reward the "True" Muslims of Turkey deserved ...No matter what happen, remember that Allah is with you always.

Aszrin Abdullah

Assalammualaikum wrt wbt

We fully support this effort to diminish the  Suppression of Islamic Faith and Practices in  Turkey.

We will work with other Muslim Islamic  Organization in Malaysia to express our dissatisfaction on Islamic discrimination in Turkey.

Ummu Basyirah

It is ashame to see this happening in an islamic country. May allah help our sisters.

We pray that ALLAH (SWT) will continue to give you strength and faith for the jihad in which you are involved.
Sr.Kareemah Hasan Rasheed

I went to the market just this morning with my husband and was laughed at by a white woman and her boyfriend just behind the hijab.  I felt very sad.  Then I came online and just happened to find your website.  I WILL wear this HIJAB with immense pride and will continue to pray to Allah to give us the victory!  I will never be sad anymore after reading these touching stories.  May Allah keep up faithful and couragous, insha Allah.

To the ones who are being oppressed for their faith, their struggle will not be overlooked.  And likewise for the unbelievers:

[3:30] "On the Day when every soul will be confronted with all the good it has done, and all the evil it has done, it will wish there were a great distance between it and its evil. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself. And Allah is full of kindness to those that serve Him." 


First and formost I hope Allah shows all people the true and straight path.  I hope all those who commit evil will stop.....

May Allah forgive them.

Shaila Kibria

Allah is aware of all things and nothing escapes Him. This life is a test and people of faith must raise to the occasion. The companions of Prophet Muhammad(saw)faced death every day but that did not stop them from thier way of advise to our brothers and sisters is to be strong and  have patience. Ali(ra)said" patience means to seek Allah's help" this life is nothing in the sight of Allah. Allah says " everyone shall taste death and only on the day of resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full.."(3:185) So those people who inflict injustice, they can not hide from THE MOST JUST(ALLAH) . all our prayers are with you.

After reading about sister Huda Kaya, I would like to say we are 21st centry and everybody have right to do what ever they want too, sister Huda we all muslims are with you..... 

Inshallah victory be ours....


I am a Muslim African-american husband, I would just like to know what can we do to help the cause of our sisters and brothers in Turkey.  Allah is the best of providers!

This fight is not only the sisters in Turkey or around the world fight, but the whole Islamic Family.

Mujahid Abdul Malik

It really seems strange where, in one part of the world, Muslim women say they are forced to wear scarves and cannot work and are basically forbidden to do as they wish.  Here, other Muslim women want to wear those same scarves. After all, at the university level, whose freedom will it impinge upon if they do wear scarves?  It's not like they're supporting Islamic terrorists.  Let's be reasonable about this and let them wear their scarves.  It was absurd to rule against this in the first place.
Kamali Balan

With great pain and sorrow I read the article on the Turkish women being persecuted for the simple act of following the religion. One must think, as a muslim, that these simple things can prove vital for the infra-structure of Turkish rule. Turkey as we have known all along was considered to be a Islamic state but with the agenda that the govt carries I am sorry to admit that Turkey has been able to seperate between religion and state against the will of its majority population. Please post and distribute more information on this human right violation to not only muslims but to amnesty international and other govt's to take this matter in a serious way. Thank u for informing us about these matters.
Ali Syed

As we know vary well what's happening in turkey.It's not the matter of hijab or beard it's the matter of   HAQ or Batel.

Those who banned the hijab and beard is so called muslims....?

Allah know's their hearts...


Kaleem Ullah

I  asked Allah to keep all moslems in Turkya and all the world from Jews & christians whos didn`t love Allah. 

I can't undersatnd how these barbarians  stop people from practising their belief. 

Religious practice is a basic human right. 

It's sad to realize these oppressors are still living in the modern world. They are animals in the human shield. 

May god almighty destroy them in very near future. 

Sayyid S Deen

allah help muslims very soon

sabrun al yasser

Hamid Zarghoune

If a Christian country like England and other European countries allow Muslims to wear hijab why oh why a Muslim country like Turkey forbids it? Have the  Turkish Authorities no shame?

Turkish brothers and sisters,Fight on, remember the  sacrifice of Bilal r.a., the Prophet saw companion. We will pray for you that Allah will defeat such despicable leaders. I  have no words to describe such people!

Zahid Aziz

Allah will help u.
Aisha Shabani

What you are doing is commendable please let me know how I can support your efforts here in the U.S. . May Allah help and guide you while freeing the muslims from this oppression.
Uthman Shakr

I was really shocked to hear about an Islamic Country refusing Hijab which is one of the right of a muslim women in any Country but Inshallah God will help you and protect you from this zionist act and reward you for the worthy cause which you are fighting for I pray that a lasting solution will be found with the help of God

may ALLAH take revenge from these evil people  

I strongly protest this execution and want to covey this message to all the involved and concerned persons that I am with them
and if they need any kind of help from me my services are at their disposal
Basit Iqbal

may ALLAH take revenge from these evil people  

I ve been deeply shocked of this story and i m really willing to help if i know how...and i can t believe this unhumanity but where in a muslim country...
Meriem Bikkour

Allah (swt) says,  

"We have not sent you but (as a Messenger) to all peoples, to give them glad tidings and warn them." [TMQ 34:28]  

He (swt) also says,  

"Say O people, I am sent unto you all as the Messenger of Allah." [TMQ 7:158]  

Allah (swt) honoured and blessed the Muslims by making them the conveyors of His Message, and made them responsible for the guidance of all humanity and running its affairs according to Islam.  

O Generals!  

We direct this call to you on the grounds that Turkey is an Islamic Land, a part of the Islamic world, its people are Muslims, and it falls within the domain of our activity. Turkeys affairs concern us, just like those of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Hijaz, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan among other Islamic Lands. We direct this call to you on the grounds that you are the senior commanders of the Turkish Armed Forces. The Turkish army is defacto the real ruler in Turkey, all behind a screen of constitutional institutions. Furthermore, the Generals and officers of the Turkish army possess the ability to influence the government, change the form of government, establish the Khilafah and restore the ruling system based on that which Allah revealed to the State and society.  

O Generals!  

Your fierce resistance to Islam and flagrant display of your deep animosity towards Islam show the hatred your hearts harbour towards Islam. The resolutions you adopted against Islam and the Muslims during the recent meetings of the Turkish Security Council and prior to the change of the government, under the pretext of protecting secularism against the danger of Islam project the extent of your antipathy for Islam, as an ideology and a system, and even for the mere mention of the word Islam, and for everyone working to restore the rule by Islam, or carrying the slogans of Islam. This is despite the fact that Turkey is an Islamic land and the Turkish people are Muslims who love Islam, and that you are sons of Muslims. Therefore, you should have been the protectors of Islam from secularism, from all thoughts and rules of Kufr, and from all those who want to harm Islam and Muslims. Instead, you labour as a tool of destruction to Islam in the hands of the Kuffar. You act as a bulwark against Islam’s return to life, the State and society, and against the return of the Khilafah to existence.  

By devoting yourselves to protecting the Kufr ideology of secularism, its system, and laws, and by issuing these malicious resolutions against Islam and the Muslims, you have declared war against Allah, His Messenger (saw) and His deen. You have declared war against all those who work to restore the ruling by Islam, nay, against all Muslims! You did that on behalf of Kufr and in obedience to the Kafir states: the US and other Western states who rendered Islam, as an ideology and system of life, their arch-enemy, upon the disintegration of the Soviet Union and its communist ideology.  

Furthermore, by interfering in the issues of politics and government, directly and indirectly via a screen of constitutional institutions, and by imposing your control, you have corrupted the country, plunged it into a series of successive crises and destabilised it. That was a direct result of your interference because politics and government are neither of concern to, nor the job of the military. The job of the military is to protect the ideology, the state, the land and the people. The military’s job is warfare and military planning, not in looking after the peoples affairs. Attending to the peoples affairs is the job of politicians.  

Generals, we do not think that you are unaware of the fact that secularism and Kufr systems and laws of the West were introduced into Turkey by Mustafa Kemal, a man of Jewish origin, after he abolished the Khilafah and ruling by Islam. He did that in execution of the orders of the head of Kufr, Britain, with whom he had conspired and for whom he was an agent. The abolishment of the Khilafah and the declaration of a secular state in Turkey were some of the conditions set by the British to recognise the independence of Turkey. As a result, Mustafa Kemal transformed the state and government in Turkey into a state of Kufr and a government of Kufr, though the people in Turkey remained Muslims. By this act, he destroyed the soul of Turkey and its moral power, i.e. the Khilafah and Islam. The British Foreign Secretary, Curzon, declared that openly when he said:  

"The point is that Turkey has been destroyed and it will never rise again, because we have destroyed its moral power: the Khilafah and Islam."

Thus the Khilafah was demolished and completely bulldozed. Islam was eliminated as a state-constitution, a legislation for the Ummah and a system of life. By that, the British Kuffar, via their agent Mustafa Kemal, succeeded in the most dangerous conspiracy concocted by the Kuffar against Islam and Muslims. It was the most horrific calamity inflicted by the Kuffar upon Islam and Muslims.  

Had Mustafa Kemal been sincere, he would have maintained the Islamic Khilafah State. He would have declared himself a Khaleefah for all Muslims, and worked to consolidate and reform the Khilafah, to correct the implementation of Islam within it and to bring back into it those Muslims and areas which had been severed from it. But how could he have done so, when he was a British agent on a mission to destroy the Muslims source of power and the flagship of their might: The Khilafah and Islam, so that the Muslims could never rise again, and so that Islam would remain excluded from the state and society. Consequently, Kufr, its systems, its laws and its states can assume dominance and control over the Muslims and their lands.  

The secularism which the British and their agent Mustafa Kemal imposed upon Turkey is an anti-deen secularism, built upon the doctrine (‘Aqeedah) of separation of deen from public life. It is the ‘Aqeedah of the Kafir West, a Kufr and corrupt ‘Aqeedah. Its flaws have been exposed and its stench has become nauseating, because of the calamities it brought upon humanity. This ‘Aqeedah makes material value, i.e. expediency, the dominant and prized factor in life. As for other values, spiritual, moral, or humane, they have no weight as far as secularism is concerned. Colonialism and the pillaging of resources of other people were some of its products. The sexual frenzy, as well as the animalistic surge in the pursuit of desires were some of its effects, to the point where almost half of all births result from fornication according to statistics published recurrently in Western media.  

As to this democracy of theirs, which they keep flaunting, it is nothing but corruption and falsehood. The hegemony and oppression which America and the Western states practice against other people, clearly proves the corruption and falsehood of this democracy. Another glaring proof to the corruption and falsehood of this democracy is the oppression which successive governments and military strongmen in Turkey have subjected the Muslims to, who constitute the overwhelming majority in the country, their deprivation from their right to speak about Islam as an ideology and a state-system, and their prevention from carrying Islam politically in order to restore it to government and society.  

The Khilafah, Generals, is the binding force of all Muslims and Muslim lands; it is the source of their might and strength; it is their and their lands protector; it is the protector of Islam and its conveyor as a Message to the world. The Khilafah State was the shelter for all Muslims. It was the leading State in the world for almost fourteen centuries, from the Khilafah of ar-Rashideen, after it had dismantled the Persian and the Roman empires up until the last days of the ‘Uthmani Khilafah.  

The Khilafah was the decision-maker in international politics and the world order. Its army was known to be an invincible army. It was comprised of Muslims from every strain, such as the Arabs, Persians, Turks, Kurds, Indians and Africans, as all of them were citizens of the state and the protection of Islam, the Khilafah, and the lands of Islam and the propagation of Islam via daw‘ah and Jihad is an obligation upon all Muslims. The Khilafah manufactured its own weapons. Its will and decisions about how to use them were unconstrained due to the fact that the Khilafah did not rely upon others for armament.  

The Khilafah State carried Islam to all corners of the earth, starting from the days of the Khulafa’a ar-Rashideen until the last days of the ‘Uthmani Khilafah. The goal of its conquests was to offer people guidance as embodied in Islam, free of any subjugation or coercion. Allah (swt) says,  

"There is no compulsion in deen. Truth stands out clear from transgression." [TMQ 2:256]  

The goal was to make the lands submit to the authority of Islam, not to enslave its population and plunder their resources, in the manner in which colonialist states, such as Britain, France, and America among others, do. As a result of these conquests, Islam spread throughout the world.  

The ‘Uthmani Khilafah was a State of Jihad. It carried Islam into Europe until it reached the gates of Vienna. Europe was under its authority for almost five centuries. It was able to do all of that because it was the Islamic State and a carrier of Islam. It was the State for all Muslims and they were its proud and willing soldiers. It was Islam alone that generated this force, might, prestige, political weight, and ascendancy over most of the known world. Islam made it the decision maker in world politics.  

The Khilafah State was not a mere military state. Rather it was an ideological state bearing the divine message of Islam. It was a radiant source of intellectual, cultural and scientific excellence. While the world, including Europe, was deep in ignorance, the Islamic world, under the Khilafah State, was the beacon that radiated culture, literature, intellect, and science within the crucible of human dignity and justice as only the Creator can provide. The Islamic society was rich in highly qualified scholars, mujtahideen, intellectuals and politicians. The economy of the Khilafah State was abounding and productive. Its resources were plentiful, its revenues covered its needs, and its production satisfied demand. It was self-sufficient due to its vast domain, more than ample revenues and its diverse production. This is a short account about the reality of the Khilafah State. Comparing it to the reality of Turkey, since the destruction of the ‘Uthmani Khilafah State until today, the disparity is clearly visible. The might, power and prestige which the Khilafah State enjoyed before it was struck by weakness in its last days, stands in clear contrast to the status quo of Turkey. Turkey has forsaken its ideology and Message. It has become a minor state emulating the West, following the West’s lead and importing its ideas and systems from the West. It suffers from an identity crisis both as a state and a society. Since the destruction of the Khilafah and until now, Turkey has been trying desperately to become a European state. However, it failed to achieve that despite secularisation, sporting of European cloths, a change of its political system and attempts to change the outlook of the Turk and the makeup of his personality, through a forced process of wholesale Westernisation. After all of that, it neither became a European state nor kept its original identity. Rather, it became a follower state and a satellite for the West. America, the European states, and NATO use it to protect themselves and achieve their interests. They turned it into their fortress and eastern gate to protect them from their former enemy - the Soviet Union.  

After the fragmentation of the Soviet Union, they rendered Turkey a major base for their continuous assaults on Islam as an ideology and a system that poses a threat to them and their interests in the Middle East and Central Asia. Despite this, Turkey has no influence on decision-making in international politics and the world order. Despite all of the major services Turkey rendered and still renders to America, the Western countries and NATO, it reaped from them nothing but ingratitude. The only reward it received for these services was a host of decisions and positions that endangered its interests, economy and stability. They opposed it when the Turkish army carried out the Cyprus military operation in 1974. The United Nations imposed upon it a prolonged economic embargo which left a negative impact on the Turkish economy. They did not recognise the northern part of Cyprus as a federal state.  

In the second Gulf War, 1991, Turkey joined the Allies against Iraq. Despite all of the Allies promises to compensate it for the losses it will incur and the services it will provide, it received none of that. In addition, the sanctions imposed upon Iraq has left a direct and significant negative impact on Turkey, both economically and socially. It, again, received no compensation for that.  

Also, despite the fact that Turkey has accepted to place on its territories the multinational Hammer Force in acquiescence to a request from America, Britain and France, it was America that exploited and supported the rebellion of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). America is currently working to divide Iraq and establish a Kurdish state in the northern Iraq. This will threaten Turkeys vital interests, fragment it into several entities, establish a Kurdish entity within it, destabilise it, and plunge it into ceaseless civil wars. Naturally, that will damage its economy and weaken it. Furthermore, America suspended delivery of American weapons, helicopters and warships which Turkey had purchased and paid for in advance.  

When Turkey signed the Customs Union Treaty with Europe, which came into effect in January, 1996, its trade deficit with Europe grew manifold after the application of this customs union. In addition, The European Union has yet to pay Turkey the $3 billion in assistance stipulated in the agreement in compensation for the Turkish industry's losses due to the customs union.  

Turkey was hoping that as a result of signing the customs agreement, it will be able to join the European Union without further delay. However, it was disappointed when it was sidelined out of the plans for future expansion of the European Union which will include five East European countries and Cyprus.  

As for arms and armament, Turkey currently relies in its armament upon purchases it makes from America and other Western countries, to the point where the Turkish army became dependent on them in more than 70% of its weapon systems, which made the will and decision of the Turkish army about the use of these weapons subject to the wishes of the states from whom it purchases these weapons.  

The treaties of co-operation that Turkey signed with Israel in the fields of security, defence, education, intelligence, and electronic technology are a grave danger. They came after tension in relations between the Turkish Army and America due to Americas refusal to meet the Turkish army’s requests for armaments and its demands of the Turkish army to stay out of Turkish internal politics and refrain from any incursions into northern Iraq in pursuit of the PKK. However, these agreements will give Israel access to the minute details of the Turkish army’s armament and everything else that has to do with the Turkish army. This is extremely dangerous in-and-of-itself. Besides, these agreements will enable Israel engage in espionage for any state that wants information about the Turkish army, its strength, and its armament. It will also enable it to destroy any Turkish weapons equipped with advanced electronics should the circumstances change and the relations between Turkey and Israel take a turn for the worse. The Jews are known for deceit and betrayal. They cannot be trusted and their friendship is linked to their interests. They are working to dominate the Middle East. Therefore, by signing these military agreements with Israel, Turkey has put itself under Israel’s control. In addition, these agreements have created tensions in Turkey’s political relations with the countries of the Middle East. It can also allow Israel to entangle Turkey in war on its side should it declare war against some Arab states.   O Generals, members of the Turkish National Security Council! O Generals and Officers of the Turkish Armed Forces!  

This brief comparison of the reality of the Khilafah State and that of the Turkish state, after the destruction of the Khilafah, exhibit the stark contrast between the two states in terms of power, might, international status, originality, attributes and conditions which we have mentioned in this call upon you. That should lead you to take the initiative in order to salvage Turkey from this wretched situation in which it has fallen, and to save it from the continuous crises it is going through.  

Generals and Officers!  

To salvage Turkey, you will have to throw away, once and for all, secularism and the Western thoughts, systems, and laws of Kufr. You will have to return to Islamic authenticity, adopt Islam as an ideology and a system of life, government and society, and carry it with the aim of re-implementing it by restoring the Khilafah and appointing a Khaleefah who would be given the bay‘ah to rule by the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (saw); a Khaleefah who would make Islam the basis of association between Muslims within the State and make loyalty to Islam and the Khilafah State the basis of association between the Muslims and other citizens of the State; a Khaleefah who would embark upon unifying Muslims and the lands of Islam within the Khilafah State and carry Islam as a Message of Guidance and Light to the world; a Khaleefah who would strive to compete with the leading state to restore the Khilafah State to its previous status as the decision-maker of international politics and world order.  

Generals and Officers!  

Be assured that the Khilafah and the ruling by that which Allah revealed will come back soon, with the Will of Allah, and despite the Kuffar’s will and plans. Israel will be wiped out despite its military arsenal and despite the support of America and the rest of the Kufr states. You, Generals and Officers, are capable of changing the ruling system in Turkey, and abolishing secularism and the Western Kufr systems and laws. You are capable of restoring the Khilafah and the rule by that which Allah revealed.  

Therefore, we invite you to be the harbingers to re-establish the rule of Allah on this earth; to take the initiative in abolishing secularism and the systems and laws of Kufr; and to declare the restoration of the Khilafah and the rule by that which Allah revealed. The Muslim Turkish people, as well as Muslims throughout the world will be the first to support you.  

Hasten to gain this great honour, which will be an atonement for what you have perpetrated against Islam and the Muslims. It will be your saviour from Hellfire and raise your standing in Heaven. If you do that, your memory will remain in high esteem until Allah inherits the earth and those on it.  

And peace be upon those who follow the Truth and Guidance.  

Adnan Malik

the first thing that came to my mine is that.......why people trying to take care of their dignity by covering their aurat must be sentence to death,

why people & our youngsters wearing bikini, not wearing anything are being considered as modern people living in this modern world.

from my point of view, west & people who promoted wearing such clothing actually people who wants to be back to the cave ages.....why they are so stupid, their proffessor making research about cave man, saying that cave men are not civilized (they have no education & they do not have moral ethics.......but at hins moment......this people who proclaim them self as modern people goes back to the dark ages by wearing & behave like cave man, wearing panties & bra in the public , free sex is comment

the point is, why people who call them self muslim(turkey) hate other people that are trying to follow God's order

are they muslim?

no they are not, sorry to say

so, we who really think that we are muslim.....let us together fight this satan who wore the mask of human by callin them self as muslim .........

tell everybody, explain to your family, your neighbour, your friends all hopefully everybody will understand and will fight for the right of our people THE MUSLIM.

Shahrul Nizam

I want to say mabrook on your excellant and very informative site. Keep up the marvellous work and may Allah SWT reward you in this and the hereafter inshallah. 

We are aware of the situation, Islam is the only true religion. Whatever the cosequences we have to abide by our faith. True muslim is always prepared to work in the way of allah. The enemies of Islam are scared by the strength of our faith. Allah says you take one step towards me and I will come ten steps towards you.
Mansura Walji



Romana Kazmi

 Brilliant site.... please send me futher info.
Fatima manji

Muslims in every part of the world are deprived of their basic rights,crushed and tortured because they are muslims.In Kosovo,Kashmir,Bosnia every where we are with the Soldiers of ALLAH.All muslims must unite and fight the crisis.We should also strive for the freedom of our muslim brothers.We should try to become good muslims and should participate in JAHAD.May ALLAH Almighty help us all.Amin.
Muhammad JahanZeb Akbar

My Allah bless you all and grant mercy upon you!! I don't know much of what I can do to help from over here in the U.S.
Except commend you on your efforts, trust me Allah knows your hardships... keep fighting, if it wasn't for people of your
strong faith then Islam would not have spread throughout the world as it has.. I for one "converted" in January of 1999, ...
I used to be Christian. 

May Allah forgive you your sins and grant you peace both in this world and in the next!!

Andy Nunez

This ban on women wearing hijab is totally against human rights. And I cannot (understand) a country like Turkey where the population is mostly muslim can carry out such an unislamic act.

Allah, our creator, has ordered us to wear the hijab and mankind is saying "NO" ...what a shame to mankind.  What a shame to muslims!.  Non-muslim countries like America, yes America, and Canada can allow us to wear our Hijab but yet a country that is considered to be an Islamic country doesn't.  How ironic.

Well Insha Allah, the rulers that have set these rules will have to answer to Allah and I wonder what the answer will be..let's guess...OH Allah, we thought we knew better than you!..We as muslims, forget our punishment is yet to come.  

This ban is totally wrong and I, as a muslim woman, do protest much.

Arifa Ally

It is indeed unfortunate that such attitudes be adopted by any country. Where are the so called 'freedom of human rights' people?

It's better being a Muslim in the land of the kuffar than to be in a "Muslim" land which does not embrace Islam as a whole.

Islam as a way of life is not taken note of but is looked at as a custom which is needed only in the circumstances such as marriage, death etc.

The minds of Muslims nowadays have been invaded by the kuffar who is holding the key of logic.  We should remember what Allah said: That things which seems to be good are not neccessary good.

Thus, for those who wants the gain eternal life, uplifting the Cause of Allah & His Rasul is a must & there is no such thing as 50-50 situation.  This is because Islam encompasses everything in the heavens & the earth, from the fields of
Computers & technology to the fields of the hereafter.

Mohamed Azim

May Allah bless those who throng for the Islamic beliefs.

The present government in Turkey is no different if not worse then Jews or Atheist. I felt sick when i saw or heard them tortured those who are into religion. However i believe one day the people will rise & cry Allahu Akbar and Turkey once again become the major Islamic power in the world.

Hisham Ismail

May Allah help you with your work!

My whole hearted appreciation.

Azam BM

May Allah gives strength and success to the fighting Muslims!!!!


Suriati Raip

The Prophet said, "You will follow the wrong ways, of your predecessors so completely and literally that if they should go into the hole of a mastigure, you too will go there."

We said, "O Allah's Apostle! Do you mean the Jews and the Christians?"

He replied, "Whom else?" (Meaning, of course, the Jews and the Christians.) 


It is really too much! For in my country,Singapore, there are more and more Muslims ladies wearing Hijab. A country thats is governed by non-Muslims. We have many boutique that cater especially to Muslimah code of dressing.

We are not discriminated against and should be role models for other countries to emulate?! Tell me more, ok?

Lukman Yusoff Osman

ALLAH will punish the injustice, and elevate in degrees of Paradise the martyrs !
Abdul Jalil

The oppression against muslims and the violation of basic human rights has become a very common occurance in Turkey. Modern Turkey is not founded under the principles of democracy and Human rights but rather under the likes of one person whom they call the father of Turkey; a person whose father is not even known. The Turkish governement has kept up its opppresion against Muslims in order to to onto power and win acceptance into the EU which contunues to turn a blind eye towards them.

What the secularist fail to realize is that they are fighting a losing battle. They fail to realize that a day shall come when every woman in parliament will be in a Hijab and evey man in a beard.

May the Almighty Allah's(S.W.) mercy befall on his Mujahids Ameen.

I. Sumar

Free the captives and legalise Hijab. Don't mess around with the law of Allah.
Abul A'la

Keep up the good work. Propagate the true islam and unite the Muslims.

It is indeed a shame that citizens of a country that was the leader of the muslim world for many years is now struggling to even be allowed basic Islamic rights. Moreover a country that now claims to be among the most modern and 'liberalised' of all muslim nations are indulging in suppression of basic human rights like the right to freedom of religion.

I pray to Allah(swt) to help the muslims of that country overcome these hurdles in their way and help the government realize its folly and allow the practice of Islam without fear.


Alhumdulillah! This is a great site, may Allah (SWT) bless all those that contributed. 

To all prisoners of faith, remember this ayat: "Among the believers are those who have been true to the covenant they had made with ALLAH" 33:23

HIJAB is what enhances the dignity and respect of WOMEN. This in turn is condusive to a healthier community. Why is it that nobody complains when WOMEN are being reduced to the status of animals through obscenity and pornography?

This is a clear example of the power of SATAN, where GOOD is no longer acceptable, but EVIL is. 

We have got to reconstruct ISLAM to that very state that it was in when our beloved Prophet (SAW) and consequently
his SAHABA (RA) entrusted it upon us. We are the custodians of ISLAM that was entrusted upon us, so let us wipe off all the dust and shine it till it glitters, for oneday we will have to present it to those that entrusted it upon us.

May ALLAH guide us all. Aameen.
And ALLAH has full knowledge of all things.

Humza Moosa

I support to your campaign. 

I think is ironic that a country witch calls it self a Democratic one dined the people one of their simplest and basic human right. Namely the right to express them selves. By wearing hijab or other religious symbols individuals try to express their world view and faith. I think if Turkey thinking of becoming what it was once before that they should hold to the world of Allah and basic democratic or shwra laws. 

Can the Turkish government answer this question, what are the benefits which coming out of banding the hijab ????????????? 

Saeed Hersi

May Allah (swt) reward you for your web site. 

I am a New Zealand convert to Islam married to a Turkish brother - I have been to Turkey several times and have seen the prejudice against Islam in great amounts. 

We had a protest here in Australia in-front of the Turkish Consulate. Allhumdulilah may Allah reward the sisters that organised and participated in it. amen.

Mujahidah Flint 

It is beyond my comprehension how Muslims can treat their own brothers and sisters like this. We don't need this from "our own" when we already have the rest of the world to deal with!!!

May Allah bless doers of good and bring real liberation to Turkey.
Adam and Samerah Quraishi 

I strongly oppose Turkish policy against Hijab.
Mahmood Wahid 

May Allah (S) reward all those who are working to bring Islam back to Turkey, Amin! 

I hope and pray Allah (S) will give victory to those working for His cause, in my life time, in Turkey and other Mulsim countries, 


Mustaque Ali 
One of the most important requirements of democracy is having the freedom of choice.  Wearing Hijab is a choice that many Muslim women have made and so if Turkey is calling for democracy then in order for them to succeed they should follow the requirements for a democratic country.
The right to wear hijab should also include France and try to encourge them (turkey, France and other countries) to follow the US example in this matter.
Radwan Abu-Issa 
I have been in shock since I heard the news of the government of Turkey trying to ban the Hijab. 

How come a country that once was the head of the Islamic empire tries to ban one of the simple obligations of Muslim women. Ironically, this right is ganranteed for Muslim women by non-Muslim countries. 

I wonder what kind of politicians are the Turkish government. Do they thing that by attacking the values of Islam will move Turkey forward. Tha will never happen. On the contrary, the more they attach the Islamic values, the more backwardness for Turkey and Turkish citizens. If they say that the constitution, then ask them this question" Who knows more Ataturk or Allah? 

I am really heart broken by such news. Where is Muhamed Al-Fateh or Sultan Abdul Hameed?

This is a result of beeing careless about our Islam, may Allah send his anger on the zalemen and keep our faithfull sisters, 


Saima Mohammad 
Turkey's ban on Hijab is utter violation of basic human rights. What ist there is a head scarf? It is simply a piece of cloth. But to a practising Muslimah, its use means following one of the Qur'anic injunctions. But to a so-called ultra-secularist like Ecevit, it is a challenge to the State? What an irony! 

We the Indian Muslims support the campaign to fight the ban on head scarf. The General Secretary of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mr. Muhammad Jafar recently wrote to the Ambassador of Turkey in New Delhi, expressing his deep sense of concern over the issue and urging him to convey his concern to the Turkish authorities. But the Ambassador gave no satisfactory reply. 

Anyway, Allah is with you.Continue the campaign. 

I am a journalist associated with Radiance published from New Delhi. Insha-Allah I shall write and article this week on the issue and send a copy of it to IHRC. 

I pray to Allah to help those fighting to defend His Laws. Ameen!

Sikandar Azam 
I would just like to say to those millions of muslim sisters out there...stick to your rights and fight hard!! 

And to those who beleive they are muslims...look what others are going through for our faith and what you take for granted.

Tasleem Jessa Damani 
I just seen the nonsense some of the jahal people in Turkey are doing to our rightous Muslim sisters who wish to follow the traditions of the sunnah. 
May Allah give those oppressors what the deserve. ameen
All these things that happen to believers doesn't have any effects on them except rendering them more strong and raise the level of their beleifs... so don't worry all beleivers in the earth ,..... Allah's victory is coming soon.
Mohammad AbdelAzeez 
I am 18 years old and presently studying at college.

I am just mailing you to let you know what a great idea i think this page is.

I was actuaully reading through your turkish hijab ban material and i was hoping you could send me information on how to support your campaign as i am willing to do anything which i am able to do.

I was just wondering is it not possible to hold some kind of a demonstration outside the turkish embassy in london in protest against what is happening to these students and prisoners of faith?

Zermina Masaud