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Childrens Competition:
Illustrate an Ayat II

Children of all ages are encouraged to enter our exciting
"Illustrate an Ayat" competition.

The challenge:

Select any ayat from the Holy Qur'an and then create a picture
to illustrate it. The picture can be drawn, painted, or created on
the computer... its up to you. You must however scan it into your computer for emailing to us.

Who can enter?

There will be 2 age groups: up to 12 years and 13-18 years.

Whats the prize?

Thats up to the winners - they can choose any of our products as their prize. The whole fun-learn series (3 titles) counts as one prize. There will be a prize winner in both age groups.

What will happen to the pictures?

All the pictures, with credits, will be displayed in a virtual gallery on our web-site. We will create a screensaver from the best pictures. All money raised from the sale of the screensaver will go to support IHRC Campaign to Free all Prisoners of Faith in Turkey.

Whats the closing date?

All entries must be received by 1st March 2000.

Please encourage your children to enter the competition - they will be helping a very worthy cause. May Allah reward them.

Entry Form:
Name :
County / State:
Postcode / zipcode:
Email Address:(**)
Select Prize:(any one product or all FUN LEARN)
Title and description of your picture:
Ayat your picture is illustating:

(* needed for posting prizes)
(** needed for notifying winners)


1. All submissions must be your own artwork - dont submit someone elses drawing!

2. Pictures need to be in digital form, so you will need to scan them in to your computer. The picture should be saved in JPEG format (when saving select high quality setting) and should be of pixel size 1024 width 768 height or higher. Their should be NO text on the picture (eg your name or ayat reference) unless its part of the image.

3. All pictures must be submitted with a completed entry form. Email them as attachments to with the word "AYAT CONTEST" as the message title.

4. The Judges decision is final.

5. Entries will be judged in two age groups: participants up to 12 years old and 13-18 years old. Multiple entries from participants are encouraged.

6. All entries must be received by 1st March 2000.

7. No purchase is necessary to enter or win.

8. All pictures submitted for this contest will remain the property of the artist. But the artist by entering the contest gives Innovative Minds unlimited rights to use the images without any restrictions and without any royalies being payed.

9. Winners will be announced in March 2000 via email.