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Late Imam's daughter: martyrdom, only way to defeat Zionist enemy

May 25, 2002

Beirut, May 25, IRNA -- Late Imam Khomeini's eldest daughter Zahra Mostafavi said here Friday at a gathering of the Lebanese Hizbullah Party's ladies that having strong faiths, keeping aflame the holy flames of Jihad, and seeking martyrdom is the only way to defeat the Zionist enemy.

In her speech entitled "Imam Khomeini's Viewpoints on Palestine and the Holy Qods" Mrs. Mostafavi said, "The currently ongoing efforts aimed at legitimizing Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state side by side of Israel are condemned, according to the late Imam's viewpoints on Palestine and Israel.

She added, "Imam believed that the colonialists, as the creators of Israel, have been trying ever since the establishment of that illegitimate entity, to legitimize Zionism in the minds of the would nations, and to fix the foundations of that entity as a sovereign state in the arguments of the political analysts."

Mostafavi added that according to the late Imam, the colonialists also tried to change the nature of the land lords' (Palestinians) dialogue, with the occupiers of their motherlands (racist-Zionists) into a brotherly discussion between them, over their shared inheritance.

"The type of that brotherhood, too, is highly questionable, since the Palestinians are a real entity, while the international Zionism is merely an illegitimate entity," added the late Imam's daughter.

Arguing that the enemies try to leave behind the discussion over the legitimacy of Israel and start talking over the issue of borders of that illegitimate entity, she said: "The late Imam Khomeini questioned the whole entity and legitimacy of that occupying regime as the initial question on Palestinian issue, presenting the only remedy to the Middle East crisis as total and unquestionable annihilation of Israel."

Mostafavi said that Imam Khomeini precisely defined the US interests in strengthening the Zionists, and its taking advantage of Israel as the stronghold of neo-colonialism, and therefore, longing for the day that the meddling of such powers as the US would solve the Middle East crisis is nothing but making heavy investments on a mirage.

She added, "If the late Imam Khomeini always emphasized that the cancerous gland of Israel needs to be removed and annihilated, it was due to the fact that the acceptance of Israel equals yielding to an endless period of tension and unrest in the Middle East."

The Head of the Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation (SDPN) said that the late Imam always emphasized on the need for strengthening the solidarity among the regional countries, and establishment of close ties between each nation and their own political rulers, in order to enable the Islamic and Arab nations to effectively confront the Zionist threats.

She said that the worst factor in the said equation is internal tension in Islamic countries, that are handmade by the colonialists, aimed at weakening the regional countries, and the late Imam always reminded the various nations and governments about the said threat.

Emphasizing on the point that Imam Khomeini always differentiated precisely between the Judaism issue and Zionism, she added, "Imam regarded the United States, and the colonialist West and East alike, as the collaborators in creation of the international Zionism, as well as its endurance and maintenance.

"Imam Khomeini never considered Zionism as a real entity, and it has never been proved in practice that the world Jews are the supporters of the international Zionism, which is a colonialist entity," said Imam's daughter, who added that the Zionists not only deny the rights of the Muslim, but also in a way also deny the rights of the Jews and act against their interests.

The head of the Iran-based SPDN said, "Imam Khomeini turned the assumption of war between Jews and the Muslims, into a righteous war between the world monotheists and the expansionist usurpers whose nature dictates oppression."

She said that according to his late father, the liberation of the holy Qods is the axis of the legitimate defensive war of the world monotheists against the illegitimate racist-Zionists.

Mostafavi said that Imam Khomeini believed in the necessity of launching a comprehensive, multilateral war against the Zionists, and ruled out the possibility of achieving victory in physical confrontation with them, while suffering from the economic and cultural attacks of them.

"That was why he emphasized on the need for launching a vast economic embargo against the Zionists, and the need to protect the young generation form the hazardous waves of the Zionist enemy's cultural onslaught," concluded Mrs. Mostafavi.